The new restaurant is a creation of Clément Bruno, who is referred to by food critics not otherwise as “king of truffles”. Bruno’s House at the Admiralteisky Avenue replicates the warm ambiance of the Chez Bruno restaurant located in the Provence commune of Lorgues in the south-east of France. Despite the fact that the Lorgues’ population is only nine thousand residents, the restaurant is visited every year by more than 36 thousand guests from all around the world, including members of European royal houses and Hollywood stars. Annually, four thousand tons of truffles are being prepared at Chez Bruno — this a world record!

The restaurant was established by Clément Bruno in a cozy old house, that had been owned anciently by his grandmother. It was she who had taught Mr. Bruno how to cook simple but delicious courses of truffles. The restaurant itself and Mr. Bruno have been awarded a Michelin star.

Now, you can come to visit the famous Provence dynasty without leaving St. Petersburg. At the BRUNO Maison de la Truffe they cook dishes with seasonal truffles — the summer ones (Tuber Aestivum), the winter ones (Brumale), as well as the black truffles (Melanosporum). 


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